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Unless you’re a nun, you may have an outdated picture of what it’s like to be one in this day and age. Update and expand your understanding by joining Holy Names Sisters Mimi Maloney and Teresa Shields on an exploration of ministries and adventures in religious life today. Join us each week to walk a mile in the shoes of Women on a Mission!

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S1.E4 Building a Better Future with Nuestra Casa

S1.E4 Building a Better Future with Nuestra Casa

Immigrants – especially women – in dire need of help learning to read, write and speak in English find both a warm welcome and access to basic educational resources at Nuestra Casa in Washington’s lower Yakima Valley. In this episode of “Holy Names Sisters: Women on a Mission,” Sister Mary Rita Rohde and Executive Director Caty Padilla explain how support from the Holy Names Sisters has transformed lives for farmworker families seeking a better future for themselves and their children through education.

S1.E4 Building a Better Future with Nuestra Casa

S1.E3 Pierce v. Society of Sisters

Sister Carol Higgins shares the Sisters’ history as educators in Oregon in the early 20th century and their work against the Ku Klux Klan. Oregon’s Compulsory School Act of 1922 led the Sisters to the Supreme Court to defend themselves, parents’ rights and the 14th Amendment in the landmark case Pierce v. Society of Sisters in 1925.