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Feast of the Holy Name of Mary - September 12, 2014


Magnificat of Justice

Reveal yourself, my soul,

let your deeds proclaim your identity.

Return yourself, my spirit,

restore the validity of our ancient judges.

You alone, O God, in loving kindness and compassion,

you alone try us, correct us, and clear us in judgment.

You alone restore us clean and free in your care.

Holy are you. Lit clear is your pathway.

From generation to generation

we attend the prophet's clarion call,

"Cease to do evil, learn to do good,

seek judgment, lift up the pressed down,

consider the homeless,

plead for the women abandoned, with child."

Hasten the time when no one will trample on the vulnerable,

when wickedness will be wholly consumed in your selective fire,

when the dominance of the arrogant will pass away.

O let us not become the oppressors.

Let us not do harm to others,

nor mar the face of your creation.

Let us not stand idly by in the blood of our neighbors

O save us from believing we understand everything.

                Save us from age-old animosities and trivial solutions.

                Save us from slogans and battle cries,

                                from dogma without dedication.

Sovereign of Justice,

                kindle us with clarity, enlighten us

                                with memories of our own liberation.

We who are in power now, flawed by fame and fear,

                help us see our twisted accusations of the other ones.

Enflame us with compassion,

                fuse our lives with those whose lives are in bondage.

Refine our rage. Temper us into vessels useful and sound.

Etch upon us your design.

                Help us correct our own violences,

                                to fix what we have broken.

                Help us choose not to be stupid and naive.

                Help us to forgive others when they have repented,

                                made repairs and changed their actions.

                Help us to remember what must be remembered

                                and forget what must be forgotten.

                Help us know the difference between them.

Then we can ask you to forgive us.

Then we may sow justice and reap mercy.

Then we may claim our promised destiny.

Then justice will roll down like water and

                righteousness like a rushing river.

“Blessed are you, Holy Governor,

                who values right actions and clear judgments,

                who raised up Deborah and Solomon,

                                judges wise and mighty in days of old,

                who will raise up judges wise and mighty again in our time.”


From Miryam of Jerusalem, Teacher of the Disciples, by Ann Johnson