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Feast of the Holy Name of Mary - September 12, 2013



Magnificat of Peace


Gratitude is the fruit of my soul.


                Praise my sustenance.


Thankfulness is the song of my spirit.


                Fidelity my nourishment.


O Holy One of Many Blessings, we ask one blessing more.


                Grant us peace.


                Grant us a goodly peace,


                                kind and compassionate.


                Grant a just peace to us, to all Israel, your people,


                                and to all the righteous of your world.


                Bless us out Father, all of us gathered here together


                                like a family clustered around its mother’s table.


                We stand quiet in your holiness.


In ancient times you empowered your faithful to extend their hands over one another in the wilderness, giving voice to your promise of blessed assurance, saying,


                “The Living God blesses you and keeps you tenderly.


                The Living God casts forth light upon you,


                                granting you graciousness.


                The Living God lifts up to you a sacred presence


                                and places before you, peace.”


“Blessed are you, our Truth and our Promise,


                We who bear your name receive your blessing.


                We who are blessed by you carry forth your peace.”



From Miryam of Jerusalem, Teacher of the Disciples, by Ann Johnson