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Prayer of Thanksgiving: UNANIMA International Ten-Year Anniversary 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving: UNANIMA International

Ten-Year Anniversary 2012


Leader:   Spirit of God, you have made human beings the “consciousness of the universe”—we are the only way our universe has of reflecting on itself. What do you think when you look on our world and see us acting unjustly, mistreating each other, abusing our Mother the Earth, and misusing her resources? But throughout history you have sent committed women and men to heal the world. We thank you for organizations like the United Nations, dedicated to justice and peace. We thank you for passionate NGO groups who act as the “conscience” of the UN, encouraging it to fulfill its vision for a better world. Thank you for the ten years of service that UNANIMA has given to this good work, and for the generous communities of women religious who support its ministry. We ask that you continue to guide and bless our efforts together.


Reader 1:   Learn to do good: seek justice…defend the orphan and plead for the widow. (Is 1:17) “Whoever receives one child in my name receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but the one who sent me.” (Matt 8:5) You, our God, do see trouble and grief; the victim commits herself to you. (Ps 10:14)

(L.) If we have alerted officials of 10 countries to the issue of trafficking in women and children, and its connection with “demand,”     (All:) we have done your work!

(L.) If 10 women or children living in poverty or who are victims of trafficking know that someone is working for them,

(All:) we have done your work!


Reader 2: When an alien resides with you in your land, do not molest her. You shall treat her no differently than the native-born among you. Have the same love for her as for yourself, for you too were once aliens… “For I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.”

(Leviticus 19:33-34) (Matthew 25:35)

(L.) If we have influenced 10 UN delegates to support the concept of a social protection floor, or women’s empowerment,

(All:)we have done your work!

(L.) If 10 women in our congregations have received resources or encouragement in their work with refugees and immigrants,

(All:) we have done your work!


Reader 3: The heavens belong to God; but the earth has been given to us. You have made us little less than a god, and crowned us with glory and honor. You entrust us with the works of your hand, to care for all your creation. (Psalms 115 and 8)

(L.) If 10 women in our communities have been inspired to take action against water pollution and misuse,    (All:) we have done your work!

(L.) If 10 UNANIMA associates have read an article or talked with a friend about environmental issues,     (All:) we have done your work!


Reader 1: If 10 board members have gone back to their communities and countries with fire in their hearts for UNANIMA’s mission

All:  We have done your work!


Reader 2: If 10 sisters in each of our 18 communities are more aware of global issues                               All:   We have done your work!


Reader 3: If 10 people outside our religious communities have been alerted by us to any of the UNANIMA issues involving women, children, poverty, trafficking, migrants, refugees, indigenous people, human rights, environment, climate change, mining, water, HIV/AIDS, then --All: We have done your work!  


Leader:    Loving God, we ask your blessings on our founding director, Catherine Ferguson SNJM, and our founding board members Jean O’Meara SHCJ, Janice Farnham RJM, Lise Gagnon SNJM, Pat Hayes CSA, Francisca Mota CCV, Jacinta Powers OSU, and Roselle Santivasi MSC, who had the vision of what UNANIMA might be. Thank you for dedicated staff, interns, volunteers, and board members who have continued to impel this organization forward. Bless the women whom we have brought from around the world to witness at the UN. Bless our Woman of Courage award winners (Lydia Ribeiro, Hasima Kharbhih, Sister Judith Shadap, Sister Therese Stritch, and Jessica Ernst), and all those women of courage who work quietly “behind the scenes” in our own communities. Bless our 18 communities who support UNANIMA today, partnering in realizing our common dream: to work with the United Nations to secure a world of justice and peace.


Leader: Praise our God, all you nations! Acclaim the Most High, all you peoples!


All: For great is your love for us, and your faithfulness endures forever.