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The Office of SNJM Incorporated Province Ministries

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJMs) are sole sponsors of 11 ministries in the U.S.-Ontario Province. Because the SNJM religious congregation is Catholic, the Church requires the ministries to embody the SNJM mission and values. The Office of Incorporated Province Ministries provides mission-focused services and resources for people involved in Holy Names ministries. These web pages are among the resources.

The office coordinates relationships among three groups: the ministry’s board of directors or trustees, its executive leadership, and a group called the Corporate Members who work in partnership with the ministry’s local board. Members have a say in each ministry’s mission and in certain decisions involving property and finances. Members and the Coordinator of Incorporated Province Ministries take part in the  annual Network of Schools meeting. Read more about the Members who work primarily with education ministries.

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Short List: Services & Resources

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  • Details about services provided by the Office of Incorporated Province Ministries.  Download
  • Maps of U.S.-Ontario and worldwide SNJM locations. Download 
  • “SNJM-sponsored ministries: An invitation for partnership” is an 8-page booklet outlining the mutual responsibilities of ministry sponsorship. View
  • “Incorporated Province Ministries: Transforming, Informing” describes each ministry and its mission. View/download
  • “What Makes an SNM School SNJM” describes how Holy Names schools are stewards of: (1) education (2) faith (3) justice and (4) leadership. View 
  • “What is the SNJM Charism:” Pamphlet that uses everyday language to introduce the Holy Names “charism” — a gift that flows from God’s love and is expressed through the power of education to develop our potential. View
Network of Schools

“In unity will be your strength.” –Ignace Bourget, Bishop of Montreal, to the first Sisters of the Holy Names

The Network of Schools Association includes the leaders representing schools sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Located in California, Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington and Manitoba, Canada, Network members hold the founding principle of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher in common: the full development of the human person. Network participants convene annually and make the explicit commitment to keep alive the spirit and vision of Mother Marie Rose.

Informal linkages

Students learn about one another and their worlds through less-formal links. For example, NETWORK schools use Skype to visit with students at sister schools in Lesotho, Africa. High school musicians also have opportunities to perform at sister schools, and a Youth Justice Forum gathers students from Holy Names schools around the world.

Upcoming Network meetings and locations

2019: Albany, New York
2020: Portland, Oregon
2021: Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022: Seattle, Washington