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  • A Long Journey

    A Long Journey

    Landing safely in Canada in 2014 was unbelievable happiness for B. The 10 years of fleeing had finally opened to a future. The journey began in Ethiopia and led him to Tanzania where he was educated and where he met and married his wife.

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  • Immigrants Deserve to Be Heard

    Immigrants Deserve to Be Heard

    According to two refugees, Lesotho is a peaceful country despite the instability among the political leaders. These men appreciate the Lesotho government for giving them shelter, though the small stipend they have been receiving is cut out since January 2015, this without any explanation.

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  • Peruvian Immigrant

    Peruvian Immigrant

    Lima, Peru – Julie (19, Dominican Republic) married Henry (25, Peru) and returned with him to his family home after an internet courtship and personal visit. Following his family’s rejection he became verbally abusive which turned into physical abuse after their son was born.

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  • The Power of Language

    The Power of Language

    Jorge’s family lived off the land raising corn, vegetables and livestock in rural Mexico. Traveling with his burro up a mountainside to harvest corn, left him little time for school, but he completed sixth grade. Gradually, members of his family traveled north seeking a better life.

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  • Young Refugees

    Young Refugees

    Tacoma, WA - Antonio grew up in El Salvador. His father abandoned him, his mom and his baby sister shortly after his sister was born. When Antonio was 16 years old, the “Maras” (gangs) began threatening him. One day as he was leaving school, members of the gang cornered him and took his phone.

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“Education in the faith demands of us active involvement in the promotion of justice…We are challenged by the Gospel and by the needs of society to unite our efforts with those around us to attain for all people conditions of life more equitable and more worthy of human dignity.” —SNJM Constitutions

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary work interdependently for the common good. We stand in solidarity with poor and marginalized persons, and we make promoting justice a priority in our work as educators.

In addition to advocating for justice we pursue our justice agenda through creative collaborations with local, regional and global partners. SNJM justice activities are coordinated by these groups:

In addition, the Province co-sponsors the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC), which acts for justice in the church and in the world. IPJC is sponsored by 16 religious communities and collaborates with Catholic, ecumenical, interfaith and other organizations to carry out its mission. IPJC areas of focus include anti-trafficking, water, immigration and economics.

Our SNJM Congregation participates in three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that help Sisters collaborate with national and international agencies working for systemic change.

  • UNANIMA International - an NGO advocating for women and children (especially those living in poverty), immigrants, refugees and the environment.
  • Development and Peace- the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada. It supports partners in the global south who promote alternatives to unfair social, political and economic structures.
  • Transformation Resource Centre - an ecumenical NGO based in Lesotho that advocates for justice, peace and participatory development.

Corporate Stands - text of all SNJM Corporate Stands

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