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  • The Spirit of Vatican II

    The Spirit of Vatican II

    A new series presented by the Theological Resource Committee in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.


  • Theological Resource Committee

    Theological Resource Committee

    Inspired by our Congregation's charism, the mission of the Theological Resource Committee is to provide opportunities and resources for theological education that will lead to greater depth of understanding and practice of the Christian life.

Mary Garvin, SNJM, D. Min - Voices of the Women of Vatican II


Reflection and Discussion


What is your "Vatican II Story?"

How do you define, describe, and/or experience "The Spirit of Vatican II?"

With what woman did you most identify? Why?

How might the voices of these women inspire you/us to reclaim and rekindle the Spirit of Vatican II?

Personal Handout

Facilitator's Guide and handout