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U.S.-Ontario Province Justice Network

“We commit ourselves to bolder action especially regarding care of all creation and the rights of women. We will be similarly bold in seeking an end to violence in all forms, including domestic violence and sexual abuse."—Living Interdependence for a Just World.

The U.S.-Ontario Province Justice Network is committed to making it easier for Sisters and Associates in the Province to stay informed about justice and peace-related issues and identify opportunities to act in support of our corporate stands. The Network is made up of representatives from the Province Mission Centres. It collaborates with the Congregational Justice Network, and SNJM partners to ensure that activities are coordinated and aligned.

The Members of the Network focus on specific U.S.-Ontario Province Mission Centres and work to ensure that there is a two-way flow of information and that resources developed in one location can be shared and leveraged across the Province.

During the past several years, the U.S.-Ontario Province Justice Network has:

  • Demonstrated and lobbied in support of anti-trafficking legislation
  • Educated people in parishes, on campuses and communities about anti-trafficking
  • Provided education on the issues of water and the death penalty
  • Supported SNJM participation in Federal Legislative Advocacy, a tool that makes it easier to contact legislators on important justice-related topics.

Tools and Resources:

Press Releases:

  • Embassy Suites, Portland partners with Sisters of the Holy Names to end human trafficking.
    The Hilton Hotels, parent company of Embassy Suites, has signed the Child Protection Code of Conduct against sex exploitation of children, which commits to training, action, and annual review of this commitment. The Sisters applaud the leadership of the Embassy Suites PDX for immediate response to the Portland human trafficking crisis by providing awareness training for their employees. The corporate and the community have come together! Embassy Suites PDX provides a safe place for all travelers in Portland.