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Harvard Press Publishes Book by Kathleen Ross, SNJM

Harvard Education Press has announced the publication of Breakthrough Strategies: Classroom-Based Practices to Support New Majority College Students by Kathleen Ross, SNJM.

The publisher asked Sr. Kathleen to write the book after she produced some short videos designed to help faculty be more effective working with New Majority students - those who are first in their families to attend college and who are often from low-income families. Sr. Kathleen, a MacArthur fellow and president emerita of Heritage University, has devoted three decades to helping New Majority students get college degrees.

Her videos are publicly available to view at www.heritage.edu/institute. You can read more about the book on the Harvard Education Press website here. And, if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, click here for a flyer with a discount code.

Sophia Park, SNJM Publishes New Book

Wipf & Stock Publishers has released a new book by Sophia Park, SNJM titled Border-Crossing Spirituality: Transformation in the Borderland.

The book explores the spiritual importance of being "in-between," and examines the various meanings of "in-betweenness" from different religious traditions. It emphasizes the value of radical hospitality, friendship and subjectivity.

"In these days of increasing globalization and interreligious contact, Jung Eun Sophia Park has provided a powerful metaphor and process - 'borderland' and 'border crossing' - to guide our inevitable and necessary forays beyond our familiar communities. She points out the landmarks, the dangers, and the potentials of this journey, helping us live into the creative growth that can be found in transitions of multiple kinds," writes theology professor Elizabeth Liebert, SNJM. "Through texts (Christian Gospels and the Buddhist Tibetan Book of the Dead), ritual (kut, from Korean shamanism), and spiritual guidance from various traditions, she invites us into the in-between space that is borderland and demonstrates the power of inter-spirituality for contemporary seekers."

Sr. Sophia is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the Holy Names University in Oakland, California. She is the author of A Hermeneutic on Dislocation as Experience: Creating a Borderland, Constructing a Hybrid Identity (2010) and Beauty of the Broken (2014), the latter published in Korea. Her research is on cross-cultural spirituality and religious life from a global feminist perspective.

SNJM Sisters Participate in Conference on History of Women Religious

At the Conference on the History of Women Religious (CHWR) in June, Susan M. Maloney, SNJM, PhD (Southern CA) presented two papers on her biographical research on Anita M. Caspary, IHM. The first paper dealt with the historical significance of Caspary's life as the only woman in U.S. history to hold the positions of mother general of a Catholic order of Sisters and the founding president of an ecumenical community. The second presentation discussed the transitions in the spirituality of Caspary. Linda Fuselier, SNJM (South Bay), Fran Kearney, SNJM (San Francisco) and Rosemary Everett, SNJM (South Bay) also attended the four-day conference.

CHWR is a group of approximately 400 scholars and archivists from the fields of history, religious studies, women's studies and sociology. International membership includes scholars from the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Japan and China. The group meets triennially to discuss new research in the field.

In conjunction with the conference, Santa Clara University opened a special exhibit featuring selections from the professional papers of keynote speaker Sandra Schneiders, IHM. Among Sandra's resources were books written by Elizabeth Liebert, SNJM (East Bay) and Mary Boys, SNJM (Seattle). Learn more about the special exhibit at: https://www.scu.edu/library/asc/exhibits/schneiders

SNJM Associates Honored with Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross Award

Southern California Associates Densy and Greg Chandra were among four San Bernardino Diocese recipients of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross Award, the highest honor bestowed upon laypersons by the Vatican. Greg and Densy are active in many parish and diocesan ministries including building and development, Asian-Pacific ministry and social concerns. Densy served as a national delegate to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Asian Pacific Ministry for more than 10 years. She is the coordinator of the Diocesan Migration Mass. The couple belongs to the Equestrian Order of the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulcher, which provides for the needs of the Church in the Holy Land. They are also regional advocates for Catholic Relief Services.

Photo: Densy Chandra, Associate, third from right, and Greg Chandra, Associate, second from right.

Celebrating Barbara Bray, SNJM

Over 100 administrators and staff members of the Oakland Diocesan Chancery Office gathered for a luncheon on June 22 to honor and thank Barbara Bray, SNJM (East Bay) as she retires from her ministry as Superintendent of Schools. Bishop Emeritus John Cummins offered the invocation. Bishop Michael Barber and Assistant Superintendent Linda Basman spoke in glowing and grateful terms of Barbara's gifts of servant leadership, her creation of a "community of schools" in the Diocese and her mission-driven and child-centered service during her 38 years of educational ministry in Oakland. She served as principal in two parish schools, assistant superintendent and superintendent.

Photo caption: L-R: Jo Anne Quinlivan, SNJM; Barbara Bray, SNJM; Bishop Emeritus John Cummins; Cynthia Canning, SNJM and Donna Maynard, SNJM.

Summer Pool Party at Mary's Woods

Sisters and staff came together for an August pool party at the Mary's Woods retirement community founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Lake Oswego, OR. Helping one another and enjoying a time of fun and togetherness were many members of the SNJM community, including Sisters Mary Ellen Holohan, Jane Hibbard, Rita Rose Vistica, Peggy Pillette, Susan Mitchell, Anne Toback, Pat Baxter, Sharon Collver, Brigid Baumann, Annette Covatta and Mary Angela Morbeck.

  • Mary's Woods Pool Party - August 2016 - 1

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  • Mary's Woods Pool Party - August 2016 - 12

Farewell to St. Joseph Faculty House

A group of 15 Sisters, Associates, friends and neighbors gathered at St. Joseph Faculty House to mark its closure as a local SNJM house in Seattle. Its last residents have now moved to Spokane or other Seattle places or, in the case of Ann Cornelia Sullivan, SNJM, seen in the photo on the mantel, gone to heaven.

"We voiced many grateful memories of 41 years of occupancy, bringing much laughter, and shared bountiful appetizers and desserts," said Linda Riggers, SNJM.

Judy Ryan, SNJM convened the group and led joyful conversation and prayers. A particular blessing was the knowledge that many household goods have been given to a Honduran refugee family.

Statement Following Violence: From SNJM U.S.-Ontario Province

As Sisters and Associates conscious of our call to resist racism, advocate for human rights and create welcoming communities in partnership with others, we mourn the loss of life and grieve with the families of all who have been victims of violence.

We affirm the call of the Adrian Dominican Sisters to all of us to “engage in personal and national soul-searching on the evils of our socialization in racist systems and the steps we must take to detoxify our hearts and the heart of our nation.”

We pledge ourselves to expand our partnership with others to pray, dialogue and act to address issues of racism and violence.

Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps hurdles,
leaps fences,
penetrates walls to arrive
at its destination full of hope.
-Maya Angelou

More SNJM Voices Urge CA Senators to Oppose Human Trafficking

As part of the U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking and the Southern California Partners for Global Justice, Bob Juarez, Associate and Jo'Ann De Quattro, SNJM visited CA Senator Barbara Boxer's Los Angeles office to meet with staff members Kelly and Nicolas to urge the Senator to co-sponsor S. 1968, the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act. Boxer's staff indicated that they were the first of her Los Angeles constituents to raise this issue, and urged them to make a similar request of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). They are grateful for the collaboration with Elizabeth Murphy of ICUJP, who arranged this appointment.

Mary's Woods Memory March Parade

June 20 was a day for the SNJM community in Oregon to don purple for the annual Memory March Parade at Mary's Woods. Sisters, staff, residents and family stepped out on a glorious sunny day to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer's Association. Purple is the official color of the movement to cure Alzheimer's. See below for a photo and see a full photo album on our Province Facebook page at: http://tinyurl.com/z7lc5d7