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Women and the Church: Margaret Spiller, SNJM on the Frontiers of Science

As a science teacher, Sr. Margaret Spiller was passionate about understanding the universe as it is and bringing to it her sense of God’s holy creativity.

Sr. Margaret’s death this year at age 72 saddened all in the Holy Names community and at Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, CA, where she taught science and technology for many years. Among the many gifts she left us is a video she made in partnership with the SNJM Theological Resource Committee about the frontiers of scientific knowledge and what they mean to Christianity.

In the video, Sr. Margaret reviews “the more mindboggling of some of these emerging discoveries, predictions or theories.” Among them are the birth of our universe, the possibility of other universes, life on other planets, advances in biological synthesis and progress toward superhuman artificial intelligence.

As she always did with her students, Sr. Margaret asks questions to encourage reflection and discussion about how the growth of scientific knowledge challenges our religious assumptions, affects our understanding of God’s creativity and shapes how we live and share the world with others.

Illustration by Jean Morningstar, SNJM

Margaret Spiller - Religion and Science from SNJM U.S.-Ontario Province on Vimeo.