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History and Memory: Finding Inspiration in Our Chronicles

Haskins.Mary 071113By Mary Haskins, SNJM

The charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names is nurtured by the wonderful chronicles that have been preserved over many years by our Sisters. These are historic treasures, which we protect in our archives.

The value of our preserved history is that it inspires us in our ministries. In reflecting on these memories, we are called to live our charism and treasure the history of our past, as well as the future. Through “The Pilgrimage of the Heart,” we have lived and walked through this charism journey, hearing the voice of our God and Marie Rose, “I have come to cast fire upon the earth…”   


When we reflect on the Gospel truths inspired and taught by Blessed Marie Rose, our foundress and Sister, we see that our international missions were formed out of these gifts and aspirations. The call to live as Jesus lived has placed before us the value of education in the faith, in all its forms.

Outstanding gifts are evident in our ministries:

  • Education in the Catholic faith
  • Academic excellence
  • Justice in all forms
  • Love of music and art
  • Hospitality to other communities of Sisters, benefactors, clergy and lay people
  • Concern for women and children, whether poor or wealthy, and regardless of cultural background
  • Attention to manners and etiquette
  • Continuing education

Reflecting upon our history, we are drawn to a profound sense of gratitude for the past and the present.