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Presence: The Creative Energy of Community

By Jennifer Brandlon
Director of Communications & Administrative Services

"Presence" is our theme for the month of March, so it's been in my thoughts this week. It came to mind as I arrived at work and looked at the whiteboard near the Province Administrative Office entrance, where we still use good old-fashioned round colored magnets to show who's in and who's out.

Both employees and the PLT use the same board to show when we are physically present for one another, and all of us write notes to alert the others when we'll be out for an extended time. When people in my work circle are absent, I've noticed how much I look forward to when they will return.

Technology is an indispensable tool for getting our work done, but being together face-to-face results in conversations that don't seem to happen by phone and email. Even when everyone is busy, the hum of purposeful community surrounds me and fills me with a sense of shared mission.

It makes me think about the creative energy that flows from the experience of togetherness. In what ways does the presence of others inspire you? How do you see the gift of your presence affecting them?