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Golden Jubilarians

What is Jubilee time? It is thanksgiving, remembering, reflecting, celebrating and giving thanks to God for life, love, people, service and faithfulness. 

Jubilee design narrow animation We are happy to present to you our Jubilarians who are celebrating milestones as Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary for 50 years from First Profession. May this year of Jubilee be one of many blessings and graces for you, Jubilarians. We rejoice with you and look forward to celebrating. Scroll down for Golden Jubilarian biographies and photos.

Meet the 2017 Golden Jubilarians - Photos and Biographies

Emma Bezaire, SNJM

Charlyne Brown, SNJM

Jocie-Rhea Chism, SNJM

Mary Duffy, SNJM

Mary Annette Dworshak, SNJM

Carol Fleitz, SNJM

Kay Heberling, SNJM

Kathleen Hecht, SNJM

Jane Hibbard, SNJM

Kathleen Keller, SNJM

Peggy Kennedy, SNJM

Roberta Lamanna, SNJM

Helen Petrimoulx, SNJM


  • Blessing at East Bay Mission Centre Jubilee Celebration

    Blessing at East Bay Mission Centre Jubilee Celebration

  • 70th Jubilee of Helen Clare Howatt, SNJM and the Golden Jubilee of Carol Fleitz, SNJM

    70th Jubilee of Helen Clare Howatt, SNJM and the Golden Jubilee of Carol Fleitz, SNJM

    East Bay Mission Centre Sisters and Associates gathered at Holy Names High School, Oakland, CA on April 29 to celebrate the 70th Jubilee of Helen Clare Howatt, SNJM and the Golden Jubilee of Carol Fleitz, SNJM. Liz Davis, SNJM shared snippets about Sr. Helen Clare, including her life-long love of her city of birth, San Francisco. Carol Nicklas, SNJM shared that Sr. Carol was introduced to the SNJM community early in her life, as her aunt Sr. Mary Christine Fleitz was a Holy Names Sister. Musicians and liturgical movement enhanced the spirit of the liturgy. The joy continued through social hour and dinner as an evening of conversation, stories and gratitude unfolded.
  • Golden Jubilee Celebration in California

    Golden Jubilee Celebration in California

    On April 22, Mary Duffy, SNJM (South Bay) and Carol Fleitz, SNJM (East Bay) celebrated their Golden Jubilee at Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga, CA surrounded by the SNJM community, relatives, friends and musicians. The presiding priest was Sr. Mary's cousin, Rev. Anthony McGuire. Also sharing in the joy of the day were priest friends and ministry partners of Sr. Carol and residents of Merrill Gardens where Sr. Mary lives. After renewing their vows, the two Golden Jubilarians surprised the seven members of their 1964 entry group, who were present. They extended their hands toward their entry group and read a prayer of gratitude and blessing for these women and the paths they chose. The celebration was followed by a lovely buffet reception. Many thanks to Joan Doyle, SNJM (South Bay) and Marilyn Miller, SNJM (San Francisco) for organizing this wonderful afternoon.
  • Golden Jubilee Celebration in Seattle

    Golden Jubilee Celebration in Seattle

    On May 14, the SNJM community in Seattle celebrated the Golden Jubilee of eight Sisters, who entered Marylhurst Convent together in 1964. Two hundred family and friends joined the Jubilarians in Holy Names Chapel for Mass celebrated by Fr. John Whitney. Mary Annette Dworshak, SNJM (Seattle) gave the reflections and the Holy Names choir provided beautiful liturgical music. Back row, L-R: Jane Hibbard, SNJM, Peggy Kennedy, SNJM, Mary Annette Dworshak, SNJM, Kay Heberling, SNJM, Charlyne Brown, SNJM. Front row, L-R: Jocie-Rhea Chism, SNJM, Roberta Lamanna, SNJM and Kathleen Hecht, SNJM.
  • South Bay Jubilee Celebration

    South Bay Jubilee Celebration

    The gathering of the South Bay Mission Centre on May 6 celebrated three special events - Strawberry Day, the former California Province Founders Day and Jubilees. Much gratitude was shared for Diamond Jubilarians Joan Doyle, SNJM and Molly Neville, SNJM and Golden Jubilarian Mary Duffy, SNJM (all South Bay). A delicious salad and strawberry dessert luncheon followed a celebratory ritual in Holy Spirit Chapel where each of these wonderful women was blessed and celebrated for her many gifts of presence, ministry and faithful witness as a Sister of the Holy Names.
  • Jubilee Celebration in Tampa

    Jubilee Celebration in Tampa

    On Saturday, April 22, the Tampa Mission Centre celebrated the 60th Jubilee for Anne Brooks, SNJM, Carmella DeCosty, SNJM, Suzanne Hixson, SNJM and Mary Partricia Plumb, SNJM as well as the 25th Jubilee of Mariellen Blaser, SNJM. Sisters, Associates, co-workers, family and friends gathered to celebrate Eucharist in Blessed Marie Rose Chapel at the Academy of the Holy Names. Following Mass, the celebration continued with lunch in the Brady Center at AHN. Back row, L-R: Elizabeth Crean, SNJM, Mary Haskins, SNJM, Anne Celine Turner, SNJM, Kay Burton, SNJM, Ann Regan, SNJM, Pat Corbey, SNJM, Mary Glavin, SNJM, Dolores Wehle, SNJM, Mary Breiling, SNJM and Margaret O'Brien, SNJM. Front row, L-R: Anne Brooks, SNJM, Mariellen Blaser, SNJM, Mary Patricia Plumb, SNJM, Suzanne Hixson, SNJM and Carmella DeCosty, SNJM.
  • Jubilee Celebration in Tampa

    Jubilee Celebration in Tampa

  • Jubilarian Celebration in Tampa

    Jubilarian Celebration in Tampa

  • Jubilarian Celebration in Windsor

    Jubilarian Celebration in Windsor

    On May 21, a joyous Jubilee celebration took place at Devonshire Residence in Windsor, ON. It was a time of gratitude to God for an abiding presence in the lives of Suzanne Malette, SNJM (60 years), Gloria Drouillard, SNJM (60 years), Helen Petrimoulx, SNJM (50 years) and Emma Bezaire, SNJM (50 years). The Eucharist was an Alleluia experience, which gathered some 70 participants who continued to share with one another at a delightful reception that followed.
  • Jubilee Celebration in Oregon

    Jubilee Celebration in Oregon

    Front row, L-R: Kathleen Hecht, SNJM, Jocie-Rhea Chism, SNJM, Peggy Kennedy, SNJM, Roberta Lamanna, SNJM. Back row, L-R: Jane Hibbard, SNJM, Kay Heberling, SNJM, Charlyne Brown, SNJM, Mary Annette Dworshak, SNJM.

    2016 Jubilarians - slideshow

    • Mary Ann Rawson, SNJM Honored at Jubilee Mass in Tucson, AZ

      The Diocese of Tucson held a special Mass honoring their Jubilarians for the year, including Mary Ann Rawson, SNJM.
    • 60th Jubilee Celebration for Elise Hanrahan, SNJM

      The Southern CA Mission Centre celebrated Elise Hanrahan, SNJM on the occasion of her 60th Jubilee with an inspirational photo-prayer prepared by Jean Morningstar, SNJM and a delicious locally-sourced salad luncheon.
    • Golden Jubilee Celebration in California

      Several hundred Sisters, Associates and friends of the community gathered at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Los Gatos, CA on April 2 to honor five Golden Jubilarians of California.

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    • Golden Jubilee Celebration in Spokane

      Members of the SNJM community gathered at the Convent of the Holy Names, Spokane for a joyous celebration of the Golden Jubilarians from Washington and Oregon.
    • East Bay Jubilee Celebration

      Members of the East Bay Mission Centre came together recently to honor Jubilarians Mary Herbert Raphael, SNJM, who is celebrating 80 years, and Marcia Frideger, SNJM, who is celebrating 50 years. Fr. Salvatore Ragusa, Holy Names University Chaplain, presided over Mass in the Holy Names High School cafeteria.
    • Senior Jubilee Celebration in Albany

      Barbara Cooper, SNJM and Luke Marie Capling, SNJM marked their 60th Jubilee by renewing their vows at a liturgy on June 5. The liturgy was celebrated by Rev. James Daley in the chapel of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Latham, NY, and was followed by brunch at the Hospitality Center.
    • Senior Jubilee Celebration in California

      Six California Sisters renewed their vows at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Los Gatos, CA on June 4. After Bob Juarez, Associate shared a homily, Ruth Raftery, SNJM, Mary Herbert Raphael, SNJM, Miriam Daniel Fahey, SNJM, Patricia Cronin, SNJM, Marion Mills, SNJM and Kathryn Ondreyco, SNJM renewed their vows. Although Elise Hanrahan, SNJM was unable to attend, the Senior Jubilarians remembered her in their thoughts and prayers.
    • Jubilarian Celebration in Windsor

      It was a day of joy, gratitude and love as members of the Windsor Mission Centre celebrated six women who have dedicated their lives to God as Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. They chose to have a simple but meaningful celebration at Devonshire, the home of three of the Jubilarians. Fathers Joe Quinn, CSB; Q. Johnson, CSB and Larry Brunet joined for the Eucharistic Liturgy. Lise Jolie, SNJM led the assembly in song with her guitar and was accompanied by Claire Durocher, SNJM on the piano.
    • Golden Jubilarian Celebration in Oregon

      Sisters, Associates, staff, friends and family gathered at the Holy Names Chapel at Mary's Woods on June 11 to honor the Golden Jubilarians from Oregon and Washington.
    • Senior Jubilee in Spokane

      Members of the Spokane Mission Centre came together on June 18 to celebrate their Senior Jubilarians. Three Sisters renewed their vows before friends and family at a special Mass, followed by a salad luncheon.