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2012 Washington Golden Jubilarians

Ann Cornelia Sullivan, SNJM

AnnCorneliaSullivanEach experience in my life has led me to a greater understanding of Jesus and how He would influence who I would be as well as what direction I would take for the past fifty years. My family taught me the importance of love, faith, the give and take of daily living, and how challenge and sharing are necessary for everyone. After I entered the community my family continued to include me in their many activities and adventures. Having graduated from college before entering, the classroom became the center of my life as a mission novice and continues even to this day. Variety became the spice in my life as I taught across the state of Washington, in the city, small towns and out in the Palouse country. The first years were spent in grade schools, and then I moved on to high school where librarianship opened new doors, not just the day to day processing and assisting students and teachers, but moving into the computer age where new skills provided the opportunity to work in planning for a networked building, digitalizing the collection, working on the archdiocesan and state library organizations as well as archdiocesan technology activities. What a gift all these experiences!

Jesus became the children I taught, their families who have become lifelong friends, the teachers who shared the joys and every day challenges, my family who continue in their love and support, and most importantly, the sisters with whom I have lived and worked sharing and leading me so that I can truly say: my eyes have been opened and I have come to recognize Jesus in all these people and I thank God.