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2012 East Coast Golden Jubilarians

Mississippi trip

Six Sisters from the former New York Province gathered in the Mississippi Delta to celebrate 50 years of vowed religious life: Carroll Ann Kemp, SNJM, Mary Ellen Holahan, SNJM, Ann Regan, SNJM, Kay Smalley, SNJM, Mary Pat Vandercar, SNJM and Janet Walton, SNJM. Elizabeth Crean, SNJM was unable to be with there in person, but she did meet the group on Skype for their evening sharings.

There were days of service at minstries in the Delta. Thursday evening was the highlight of the Jubilee trip. Thanks to the magic of Skype, Sr. Liz at home in Florida and the group in a Mississippi hotel room, individually renewed a commitment to religious life and then, were blessed by the other members of the group. Far removed from the place, time and ritual of first vows, this recommitment was for each a moving and meaningful way to end their stay in the Delta region.

These former New York Province Jubilarians returned to all four corners of the U.S.-Ontario Province enriched by the dedication, professionalism and joy they witnessed in the lives of the women they met in the Mississippi Delta.

Mississippi jubilarians