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2012 California Golden Jubilarians

Maureen Viani, SNJM

MaureenVianiThe fifth child of six, Sr. Maureen was born into an Italian/Irish family in Oakland. Influenced by the Holy Names Sisters’ spirit of joy and fun at Sacred Heart and Holy Names High School, she decided to become a Holy Names Sister. As Sr. Maureen so eloquently puts it ~ “I was doomed from the start.” Sr. Maureen went on to Holy Names University.

Sr. Maureen’s greatest joy is teaching! She taught in various Catholic elementary schools throughout California, and enjoyed coaching sports in those schools. She served as Northern California SNJM Primary Education Coordinator, mentored Sisters at SNJM schools, and was a liturgy advisor in many parishes.

Sr. Maureen is currently Director of Religious Education at Christ the King Parish in Pleasant Hill, where she finds special joy in planning and leading sacramental retreats and family workshops. She brings her many gifts of organization, teaching, motivating, relating, listening and having fun, in her own unique style, to all who come in contact with her; her ministry to others gives her life and energy. In addition, she serves on the Next Step Board and when there is time in summers, she delights in working in Tutwiler, Mississippi.

Sr. Maureen loves to travel. She recalls with particular delight her trip to Israel, where she walked and experienced Jesus’ land, a great example of the way she shares her spirituality and experiences with others. Her many interests allow her to incorporate them into her ministry and into her life ~ reflecting, gardening, reading, sports (Go Yankees!) and relaxing.

She shares generously with her family and colleagues, friends and students, and counts as blessing their presence in her life.